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The urban legend of Bigfoot in Oklahoma

The urban legend of Bigfoot in Oklahoma

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it's also known, has been an urban legend in Oklahoma for decades. There are many sightings and stories to be told of the creature roaming around rural areas.

Has Anyone Ever Seen Bigfoot?

In 2020, Oklahoma ranked 9th in the nation for Bigfoot sightings. Some sources say Oklahoma has more sightings per capita than anywhere else in the world!

The reason for so many sightings isn’t clear, but there are a few theories. In 2020, Tulsa was named one of America’s Booziest Cities by Men’s Health magazine. Perhaps revelers have been exposed to too much alcohol? These sightings have been going on for decades - even before Prohibition! Whatever caused these reports, Oklahomans should keep their eyes peeled for the Squatch.

After all, you never know when or where you might see it! Two years ago I woke up at 4am and saw Bigfoot sneak into my laundry room. He couldn’t get away fast enough when he realized I saw him. It was horrible. He smelled awful and had big teeth that were mostly broken off from eating non-traditional food sources like dead deer carcasses.

Some Facts About Sasquatch

Over the last several decades, many reported sightings of Bigfoot have come with visceral descriptions of his stench. Witnesses claimed that the beast emitted a foul odor comparable to that of a skunk.

Others have reported tree trunks ripped from the ground or broken in half at heights too tall for a person to reach. Based on this information, it's estimated that Bigfoot averages around six to nine feet tall. Its footprints have been rumored to measure as long as 20 inches.

The first official recording of a footprint was collected by hunters near Bossburg, Washington on October 15, 1958. The prints measured 20 inches long and 7 inches wide, with five toes clearly visible. These measurements would place Sasquatch at over 7 feet tall. To date, these are still considered to be some of the best examples of bigfoot prints collected to date.

Bigfoot: The Hunt Is On

It’s Bigfoot season — year-round — in Oklahoma and if you manage to land one it can pay big-time. How big? Try $2.1 million dollars.

Leave the guns at home, though, because to cash in on the Bigfoot haul you have got to bring him in unharmed. Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey put forth a plan in January 2021 suggesting $25,000 for anyone who could bring a Squatch in. And, apparently, the whole idea has gained incredible momentum in the days since with the state’s tourism department planning a whole campaign around it.

To Believe Or Not To Believe

There are stories all over America about hairy, Sasquatch-like creatures lurking in forests and caves. But do people see them because they really exist? Or is it all just an ancient myth that continues to live on today? Truth be told, there are still sightings made by credible people, which makes us wonder if maybe there is some truth to all of these tall tales

The question whether or not to believe stories of giant hairy men-beasts roaming around our country is one that people often get heated about. And while seeing is believing, stories also offer entertainment and a sense of wonder at things we cannot explain—which explains why so many people continue to hunt for elusive creatures like Sasquatch.

But given how widespread sightings are, there must be something happening out there in America’s remote forests and caves. Are these ancient myths continuing to live on? Maybe they’re more than myths after all!


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