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  • Oklahoma Style Marinade


    Use this as a marinade for your favorite grilled meats, mixed into ground beef for outstanding burgers, or splashed on sauteed veggies for a flavorful punch!

  • Habanero Ketchup


    This tangy habanero ketchup is blended with a touch of pure orange habanero mash. Tame enough for the table, this spicy ketchup is a family favorite!

  • Pickled Sweet Beets


    Tender young beets are pickled in a sweet and vinegary brine and go great with every home-cooked meal!

  • Sweet Heat Pickles


  • Jumpin' Jack's Cranberry Salsa


    Sweet and sassy Jumpin' Jack's Cranberry Salsa is great for dipping chips and dressing up your favorite Mexican dishes!

  • Fun Sized Cowboy Kettle Crunch


    Roasted German-style, our signature Pecan Kettle Crunch is a praline sugar coated nut with cinnamon and smooth vanilla flavors!

  • JQ's Original Toffee


    JQ's Toffee & Brittle Toffee Brittle

  • Pecan Brittle


    JQ's Toffee & Brittle Pecan Brittle

  • Pumpkin Butter


    Over The Fence Farms Pumpkin Butter

  • Cowgirl Kisses Sweet Jalapeños


    Combining sweet jalapeños with ingredients like bell peppers, onions, and spices to make a sweet and spicy relish you can put on just about anything!

  • Jumpin' Jack's Candied Jalapenos


    Grandma's classic bread and butter pickle recipe made with jacked jalapenos combine to create Deep Fork Food's Award Winning Candied Jalapenos with an Attitude!

  • Grandma's Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Crackers


    Tastes just like Grandma's grilled cheese and tomato soup (and, no, we're not exaggerating)! Over the Fence Farms knocked it out of the park with their Grilled Cheese Crackers!

  • Time for Lime Margarita Salsa


    This super yummy salsa is on the sweet side but has a nice kick at the end. Pair with lime-salted chips for the ultimate combo!

  • Oklahoma Calf Patties


    Normally, stumbling upon a calf patty would mean a groan followed by cleaning your shoe. But in this case, it means indulging in a decadent chocolate filled with peanuts! Buying this product means supporting a local, family-run business.

  • Okie Fish and Chips


    You are going to reel-y (get it?) love Okie Fish and Chips from Over the Fence Farms! Packed full of delicious dill, onion, and paprika flavors, this is the perfect savory snack for your afternoon!

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