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  • Concrete Wasteland - Steven Paul Judd Tshirt


    Concrete Wasteland by Steven Paul Judd

  • Bright Path- Steven Paul Judd


    Steven Paul Judd Limited - Design features pieces from an old admission ticket. Jim “Bright Path” Thorpe - The Greatest Athlete of his time. 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, professional football, baseball and basketball player! Inducted into the Pro Footbal

  • Holographic The NTVS Sticker


    heck out these awesome holographic stickers!

  • Series 3 The NTVS Collectors Button


    Series 3 is here! Skoden, Honor the Treaties, Defend the Sacred, and an Indian Taco button! :)

  • Rez Ball Tshirt


    REZ BALL - Who remembers wearing these old school Phys. Ed uniforms? We put our twist on them to make them cool. Steven Paul Judd Limited design. 

  • Beadwork Stickers


    Check out these amazing beadwork stickers by Heather Stewart (SweetGrass Beads)

  • The NTVS Series 2 Collectors Pin


    The NTVS x SPJ (Steven Paul Judd) Series 2! Limited soft enamel pins.