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  • Tiny Planetarium: See the Stars


    View your favorite constellations anytime, anywhere with the Tiny Planetarium!Bring the mystery and wonder of the night sky to your office or home with this charming miniature constellation projector! This kit includes:

    a 3″ star projector with a disk i

  • Screaming Goat


    Goat and animal lovers: Celebrate your favorite internet sensation with this hilarious, one-of-a-kind mini screaming goat!SPECIFICATIONS: Your new goat companion is 3 inches and sits on a tree stump base. When you give him a gentle press, he screamsINCLUD

  • Glow 'n' Bowl


    Bring a beloved pastime to your desktop with a glow-in-the-dark twist! This striking kit includes a bowling lane, lights and music, pins, and a bowling ball.Whether you call it midnight bowling or another name completely, bring the fun and excitement of G

  • Take a Number!


     Next time you're up to your neck in nagging requests, emails, and meeting invites, give your coworkers a (not-so-subtle) hint: Take a Number!

    SPECIFICATIONS: Includes a mini butcher counter-style "take a number" system with 100 paper tickets, plus a dig

  • Teeny-Tiny Turntable


     Bring the nostalgic joy of vinyl to your home or office with the Teeny-Tiny Turntable, a mini record player that plays 3 different tracks!This kit includes:

    Miniature record player (2.75 x 3.25 x 1.5 inches), with liftable lid and movable arm.
    3 miniatu

  • Desktop Skee-Ball


    This officially-licensed kit includes everything you need to play your own version of desktop Skee-Ball.Skee-Ball is one of the most recognized and iconic games in the arcade world. This officially-licensed kit includes a mini-size Skee-Ball machine (with

  • The Office: Talking Button Format


    Pay tribute to the award-winning comedy series The Office with this one-of-a-kind talking button shaped like a stapler in gelatin that plays iconic phrases from Dunder Mifflin.

    SPECIFICATIONS: A translucent button of a stapler in gelatin, featuring immor

  • Office Answer Wheel


    Inspired by an iconic prize wheel, this humorous gag gift includes a mini spinning answer wheel with a sarcastic twist—the perfect desktop companion for your home or office.Does your boss, officemate, or family constantly pester you with a seemingly endle

  • Birds: A Wooden Magnet Set


     Bring the beauty of the birds of North America to your home or office with this keepsake set of illustrated wooden magnets, fold-out poster, sticker sheets, and mini species guidebook.

    DELUXE WOODEN MAGNETS: This set includes 8 full-color, illustrated w

  • Tiny Weaving


    Create on-trend miniature tapestries and wall hangings with Tiny Weaving!Add some bohemian flair to your office or home with Tiny Weaving! Ideal for weavers and crafters of all skill levels, this mini weaving kit comes with everything you need to craft th

  • The Mini Bonsai Kit Format


     Invite tranquility into your workplace or home with your own desktop bonsai tree.With a little patience, you’ll enjoy growing a small version of this already miniature art. Kit includes:

    Mini pot
    Jack Pine seeds
    peat pellet
    small scissors
    Mini book on t

  • Bananya Format:


    Anime's cutest kitty is going mini with this one-of-a-kind Bananya collectible based on the hit Crunchyroll show!The kitty who lives in a banana can now live in your home or office with this collectible talking Bananya figurine. Peel open the banana to re

  • The National Parks: A Wooden Magnet Set


     Bring your love of the National Parks home with this hip keepsake set, featuring wooden magnets, a map of the U.S., and pin stickers, illustrated by Brainstorm.Show off your pride in the U.S. National Parks with this charmingly illustrated set of outdoor

  • Thumb Sumo Format


    Good ol’ American thumb wrestling meets the East with this unique kit that brings the competitive Japanese contact sport to both wrestling and sumo enthusiasts all over the world! This humorous kit includes two rubber sumo wrestlers that cover your thumbs

  • Desktop Tetherball


     Bring the fun of tetherball to your desktop! Now you can smack a ball anytime with this fun, portable set. Kit includes:

    9″metal stationary pole on base, with attached rope and ball
    32-page illustrated mini book with history, trivia, and the rules of th

  • Desktop Horseshoes


     Bring the fun of horseshoes indoors with this miniature desktop version of the classic game!   Kit includes:

    Mini plastic pit with metal stake
    4 metal horseshoes
    bag of sand
    Illustrated mini book that will help you become a horseshoe pitching champ in n

  • Kawaii Cross-Stitch


    This adorable cross-stitch kit gives kawaii fans everywhere all the materials they need to stitch super-cute designs!Few can resist the charm of kawaii style (the Japanese word for "cute"). This kit includes everything you need to cross-stitch kawaii mast

  • Tiny Alarm Cock


     Cock-a-doodle-do! Time to stop hitting that snooze button and shake up your mornings with this wacky new alarm clock!Wake up, be on time, or announce the end of the work day with the Tiny Alarm Cock. This quirky desktop clock in the shape of a rooster is

  • Desktop Dog Park


    What’s more entertaining and joyous than a trip to the dog park with your pup? A Desktop Dog Park you can enjoy during work hours! Create your own canine oasis with this adorable kit, featuring the world’s most well behaved dogs.Kit includes:

    5 tiny resi

  • Zen Garden Litter Box


    Zen meets cats — and kitty litter — in this calming Zen garden kit that includes everything you need to reach ultimate enlightenment.For any cat lover looking for peace and mindfulness, this kit includes:

    3-inch “Litter box” tray
    Two 3/4-inch cats
    Bag of

  • Pusheen: A Magnetic Kit


    Bring the naughty, adorable, and pleasantly plump Pusheen to your fridge (her favorite hangout) or office with Pusheen: A Magnetic Kit!Pusheen is a chubby tabby cat who has taken the Internet by storm with her animated GIFs and comics, garnering millions

  • Desktop Golf Format


    Relieve stress at the office with this fun desk accessory, a must-have for golf enthusiasts!

  • Mini Zoltar: He Speaks!


     Inspired by everyone's favorite all-knowing animatronic fortune teller, this one-of-a-kind, mini-size talking Zoltar brings his fortune-telling wisdom to your home or office.

    Specifications: 4" replica of the iconic animatronic fortune-teller, Zoltar, p

  • Desktop Football


    A fun, miniature version of football that is perfectly portable!Kit includes:

    Field goal post (assembles in 3 pieces)
    Kicking tee
    Challenge flag
    Mini illustrated rule book

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