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  • Travel Size Hot Shave Gel


    Master barbers know that the perfect shave starts with a little heat. Duke Cannon’s Hot Shave is a clear shaving gel with a unique warming sensation that helps deliver the closest possible shave.

  • Solid Cologne- Vetiver and Oakmoss


    Smells like an evening walk through a lush, green field after a light rain, not an overly air-conditioned motel room in Scottsdale.

  • Solid Cologne - Bay Rum


    The Bay Rum Solid Cologne has notes of citrus musk, cedarwood, and island spices for a scent that smells like island life 90 miles from Key West, not the pervasive stench found in the east end of South Philadelphia.

  • Solid Cologne - Old Glory


    Inspired by our top smelling Leaf and Leather Soap, Old Glory Solid Cologne offers a classic and sophisticated essence of fresh rolled tobacco leaves, amber, and rich leather.

  • THICK High-Viscosity Body Wash - Naval Diplomacy


    The aquatic scent blends notes of fresh water, open-air, and bergamot. Smells like Naval Diplomacy.

  • THICK High Viscosity Body Wash – Midnight Swim


    Hard-working men require a shower of substance to accomplish a full day's work. That's why Duke Cannon's THICK is formulated with a noticeably higher viscosity and built to work effectively on your body, not spew down the shower drain.

  • Solid Cologne-Birchwood


    This Special Issue Birchwood scent has a woodsy profile that remains light and bright, with citrus top notes of lemon zest and bergamot over base notes of aged woods, amber, and white musk.

  • Cooling After Shave Balm


    Superior grade ingredients like aloe, shea butter, and allantoin provide hydration while minimizing razor burn irritation, and a light sandalwood fragrance leaves you feeling and smelling your handsome best.

  • Big Ass Brick Of Soap - Bay Rum


    Unlike your Grandpa's Bay Rum, Duke Cannon's option is sunny and bright. Notes of citrus musk, cedarwood, and island spices form an invigorating blend that give you the sense that you're somewhere slightly more relaxing than a cube or a shop floor.

  • THICK High-Viscosity Body Wash - Productivity


    Invigorating scent blends notes of fresh eucalyptus, peppermint, and woodsy pine. Smells like Productivity.

  • Shampoo Puck- Barrel Char


    Weighing in at 4.5 oz., they're built to outlast multiple bottles of that liquid stuff without leaving any plastic residue behind. Packed full of essential oils, naturally derived fragrances, and big, bold lather.

  • Solid Cologne- Light Musk and Neroli


  • Solid Cologne - Bourbon


  • Big Bourbon Beard Oil


  • Big Bourbon Beard Balm


  • Big Ass Brick Of Soap - Midnight Swim


  • Business Class Travel Set


  • Big Texas Beer Soap


    Everything is bigger in Texas, including the beer, the soap, and especially, the beer soap.
    The Big Texas Beer Soap from Duke Cannon is a Texas-sized 10 ounces and is made in partnership with Lone Star Beer, the National Beer of Texas.
    It won't leave you

  • Dry Ice Cooling Antiperspirant+Deo (Bergamot & Black Pepper)


    It's time to CRANK THE COLD.
    Built for men who run uncomfortably hot (which is generally any hard-working fellow), Dry Ice Cooling Antiperspirant + Deodorant delivers a sustained cooling effect to keep you cool in the trenches. Enriched with activated ch

  • Big Ass Brick of Soap - Naval Diplomacy


    To honor the military heritage of our Big Ass Bricks of Soap, this particular item comes in our limited edition WWII-era propaganda package, reminding you that "Naval Diplomacy Starts in Your Shower."

  • Gold Rush Shampoo Puck


    Weighing in at 4.5 oz., they're built to outlast multiple bottles of that liquid stuff without leaving any plastic residue behind. Packed full of essential oils, naturally derived fragrances, and big, bold lather.

  • Serious Flow Light-Weight Mane Tamer


    It offers a flexible hold and natural finish that enhances the majesty of your luscious locks without that weighed-down, greasy look you tend to see in Broward County mug shots. Your hair is a weapon. Tame that mane, boys.

  • Working Man's Face Wash- Travel Size


    Formulated to ward off the effects of double shifts, blistering winds, and bacon grease, it has a refreshing citrus scent and a little grit for optimal cleansing.

  • Travel Size THICK High-Viscosity Body Wash - Old Glory


    Rich, sophisticated scent blends notes of tobacco, cedarwood, and amber. Smells like Old Glory.

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