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  • Smooch Alpaca


    People say that an Alpaca kiss can be a life changing experience and now you can bring home your very own adoring Alpaca stuffed animal with Smooch!

  • Roarie Green Dino Soft


    This young Dino features a fun green and blue design with cloud soft materials that will melt into your hands. Roarie will bring excitement to every Dinosaur lover’s day. There’s a world of prehistoric fun waiting for the two of you!

  • Taco Chihuahua Macaroon


    When it’s time for a fiesta, don’t forget to invite our clever Taco Chihuahua Macaroon! This little plush dog wears a colorful taco costume crafted from velvety soft micro fiber materials.

  • Spunky With Birthday Hat


    Who wouldn’t love a friendly plush Hedgehog to show up as a guest to their party? Cuddly materials and a gently weighted body make him an irresistible handful of fun!

  • Freddie Fox Super Soft


    The bold black and rich russet colors of this celebrated woodland creature are stylishly showcased with Freddie, our Super Soft Fox stuffed animal! One squeeze and you’ll fall in love his floppy body and posable design.

  • Penelope Peacock


    Penelope the Peacock stuffed animal puts a lot of effort into her appearance and it shows! A shimmery crest adorned with purple trim accents the top of Penelope’s head, while a fancy pattern embellishes the feathery fan of her tail. The ultra soft materia

  • S'more Bear Macaroon


    There’s something classic about bears and camping and with our S’more Bear Macaroon plush toy, you can have both! No sweet treat says summer campfire better than the timeless pairing of chocolate and a marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers. W

  • Lennie Lion Mini


    Cute as can be, our Mini Lennie Soft Lion stuffed animal is a pint sized monarch with a king sized dose of charm! His tawny colored coat is crafted in delectably cuddly plush materials while only the softest polyester fill rounds out his endearing form. S

  • Melbourne Kangaroo with Joey


    Take a trip across the breathtaking landscape of the Australian Outback with Melbourne, our plush Kangaroo mother! Crafted with delectably soft Kohair material, she’s a squeezably soft handful of fun! Her upright pose with its long tail and big hind feet

  • Bert Ladybug


    Just ask Bert the plush Ladybug, not every Ladybug is a lady! This dapper fellow makes for an eye-catching sight with his bright, red wings and their jet black polka dots. A cheery grin and lively blue eyes bring Bert’s playful expression to life, while a

  • Pink Dragon Lil' Baby


    A clutch of Dragon eggs has just hatched and our Lil’ Baby Pink Dragon stuffed animal is ready to be adopted! This rosy colored Dragon boasts velvety soft pink plush materials featuring a realistic scale patterning and texture. Special shimmer fabric lend

  • Bodi Buffalo


    Answer the call of the West with Bodi, a little plush Buffalo with big dreams! Gallop him across imaginary prairies and feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin! Bodi’s soft coat features an array of different textures for an extra lifelike app

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