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  • Small In Trav We Trust Oklahoma Rain Candle


    Ida Red EXCLUSIVE! Let Trav add a little sunshine to your day and bring the smell of Oklahoma rain into your home while staying dry!

  • Small Casa Bonita Sopapillas in the Cave Candle


    Ida Red EXCLUSIVE! Miss the smell of sopapillas in the Cove? This candle is sure to bring you right back.

  • Small Oklahoma Wildflower Candle


    Ida Red exclusive! Smells like Oklahoma wildflowers, sure to bring up some great spimg memories!

  • Small Watermelon Sugar Candle


    This candle said "Breath me in. Breathe me out. You don't know if you can ever go without. Watermelon Sugar Candle! Watermelon Sugar Candle!"

  • Smells Like Isaac Hanson Candle Classic Suits and Deep Conversations


    Calling all Hanson fans!! Ever wonder what Isaac Hanson smells like? Well classic suits and deep conversations, of course!

  • Smells Like Taylor Hanson Candle Coffee & The Open Road


    Calling all Hanson fans!! Ever wonder what Taylor Hanson smells like? Well coffee and the open road, of course!

  • Smells Like Zac Hanson Candle- Mountain Dew & Video Games


    Calling all Hanson fans!! Ever wonder what Zac Hanson smells like? Well Mountain Dew and Video Games, of course!

  • Beaded Candle with Tassel


    Candle measures 2 3/4" x 6"
    Candle is made of mango wood
    Trim the wick to 1cm or 1/4in before use

  • Bride Bouquet Candle


  • Terracotta Incense Holder Cowboy Hat


    The most fashionable way to hold your incense- a terracotta cowboy hat!

  • La Playa 14oz Bubble Glass with Amber Rim Orange Blossom


  • Candle Making Kit 12oz Desert in Box


    Our kits include everything you need to make a Paddywax candle from the comfort of your space.

  • 11oz Smoked Clove Tabac Gilded Faceted Jar


  • Thanks Candle


  • Just Married Candle


  • Four Twenty Candle


  • Black Tux Candle


  • Team Bride Candle


  • Big Splash 90's Summer Sunscreen Candle


  • Smells Like Harry Styles Candle


    Intuitive, charming and so handsome, this candle embodies Harry like no other. Everyone's favorite singer deserves all the love and appreciation he can get.

  • In Trav We Trust Oklahoma Rain Candle


    In Trav We Trust Oklahoma Rain Candle

  • Britney Spears Prayer Candle


    BobbyK Britney Spears Prayer Candle

  • Bill Murray Prayer Candle


    BobbyK Billy Murray Prayer Candle

  • Golden Girls - Betty White 'Rose' Candle


    BobbyK Golden Girls - Betty White 'Rose' Candle

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